Liquidators Market Place

191 Granite Street Suite A

Corona, CA 92879

Tel: (866)-944-8738 /(714)-860-2553                                              Fax: 951-735-2211


 Conditions and Terms of Purchase

Company Disclosure

Liquidators Market Place deals in the sale of pallets and truckloads of OVERSTOCK and CUSTOMER RETURN products from major US department stores and others. Our products can contain items like customer returns, overstock, SHELF PULLS,IRREGULARS, DAMAGED GOODS and/or out of season merchandise.

All products are sold “AS IS- WHERE IS” with all defects and faults and no warranties of any kind. Liquidators Marketplace disclaims any and all warranties without limitations including usability or marketability of the products. 

Sales Methods

  1. I, the buyer agree to remove, deface and obliterate all references to Liquidators marketplace or the stores, or the retails stores private brand names, without limitations all labels, bar codes, warranty cards or any other form for identification that would trace the items back to the retail store shall be removed.  
  2. I ,the buyer agree and acknowledge that I may not advertise purchased products in any form or medium that would directly or indirectly trace it to the retail store .
  3. I ,the buyer agree and acknowledge that purchased product may not be offered for resale within 10 miles for staples, 35 miles for Homed Depot, 50 miles for Sears/KMART and 50 miles for Kohl’s
  4. Buyer agrees to pay all attorney’s fees and expenses that Liquidators Marketplace might insure due to the buyer or its customer breach of this agreement
  5. Buyer shall not inform its customers that any of the products purchased from LIQUIDATORS MARKETPLACE maybe returned or exchanged to the any of the stores mentioned in term(8)
  6.  I, the buyer agree that Liquidators Marketplace or its representatives may inspect my business location to verify compliance with this agreements.
  7.  I, the buyer agree and acknowledge that shipping costs and fees are my responsibility
  8. All restrictions of this agreement apply to these stores and their private labels: Kohl’s, Sears/KMART, Costco, CVS, Groupon, Dicks Sporting Goods ,Macys, Home Depo ,Walgreens, Staples and Home
  9. I, the buyer Agree and acknowledge that this agreement shall be active and in place to cover all of my purchases from Liquidators Market Place starting with the signing date until it gets terminated in writing by Liquidators Market place or myself.

 I, the buyer  agree and acknowledge that by me entering in this agreement I waive all claims related to all my purchases and transactions with liquidators marketplace and this includes but not limited to missing, defective or lost products or items






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