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It is important for our customers to ask the right question when buying overstock and customer returns items. To help, here we  answer some of the most frequently asked questions  we get from customers. If there is anything else you want to know, or for additional explanation, about our products and what we do please feel free to talk to our customer service people .They are here to help you

What can I find at Liquidators MarketPlace?

At Liquidators MarketPlace, we offer a large variety of overstock and customer returns merchandise from most of the major department stores in the USA. These merchandise will include closeouts, overstock, shelf pulls, store display, out of season, customer returns products etc....



Who can buy from Liquidators MarketPlace?

 Liquidators MarketPlace is a B2B company, individuals without the proper business documents will be charged sales tax on their purchased pallets. This doesnt apply for overseas and out of the state of California customers. You buy at your own risk , these are customer returns products and if you are not familiar with this kind of products dont buy it.




Who Pays for shipping and /or customes fees ?

  Buyers are responsible for the shipping and any other  fees assciated with moving the products .



Can you arrange shipping for me ?

Yes we can if you ask us to do so. Please contact our shipping department to get a price quote for shipping. We deal with several carriers and they offer us very competitive deals on shipping both on domestic and international shipments.


If you need us to take care of the shipping for you , please talk to our shipping department so that they can get you a quote .Payments of shipping are all pre-paid.




Can you hand load my shippment for me?

We offer this service free of charge only if you are buying a load that is more that 48 pallets. This is a recommended option for international buyers to maximize the load items and reduce shipping costs per pallet. Talk to our customer service department if want to take advantage of this service.



How can I pay for my purchase ?

We accept only the following form of payments:

      = Wire Transfer

      = Cash and Carry

Whichever the payment method you like , All payments must be made at the time of purchase and must be cleared before moving purchased items.


When do I have to pick up my purchased items?

All customer with no exception have 72 hours to pick up their purchased items after the payment is cleared . a fee of $5 per pallet per day will be charged thereafter. 

What kind of warranty is offered ?

All products are sold "as-is where-is," meaning that these merchandise have not been inspected or tested for quality. Please note that in this kind of industry you might get  brand new products as well as defective products, we buy our products as is and we sell them in the same manner. Some people do better than others on the resale of these products due to the fact that they can repair broken items but after all this is why these products are offered at a fraction of wholesale prices. We do have new products as well.  We are open to our customers to inspect the pallets before buying. Weather you buying new or customer returns products it is your own judgment


Thank you

Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us and talk to our customer service people 



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