At Liquidators Marketplace, our mission is the success of our customers’ business as well as our own

We are a wholesale provider of overstock, close-outs and customer returns products which come direct from major US department stores. We offer products, such as electronics, tools, footwear, apparel, hardware, household, toys, and building materials accessible by the pallet or truckload.


At Liquidators Marketplace one may find products from several different sources, such as chain stores, Insurance businesses, retailers, manufacturers and others. We offer products at extremely competitive prices, and we do our utmost to keep your costs as cheap as possible so that we may supply you with quality merchandise, thus we do not look for a one time sale. We strive to make sure our clients are satisfied and develop a long term relationship with them.


At Liquidators Marketplace we have a wide variety of customers, ranging from discount stores owners, Craigslist sellers, Ebayers, swap meet vendors garage and yard sellers, exporters, and brokers. If you are an Ebay trader, retail shop owner, swap meet trader or interested in a new job on the edge we can assist in finding goods that can meet your anticipations at a very comparable price.


Why should you consider us for your next purchase?


  1. We do not purchase from a middle man and our low overhead permits us to give you better quality and more goods for your cash.
  2.  Very good and dependable clientele services.
  3.  If you are shipping internationally, we will assist in finding excellent shipping prices.
  4.  The list can go on and on but the instant you purchase from us, or view our products, you should be able to recognize how much you have been overcharged.


At Liquidators Marketplace, our goal is to serve our customers and suppliers in a balanced way that would meet their desires when it comes to the products we sell.

You owe it to yourself to visit us and team up with us like numerous who currently have and benefitted from our products. Hesitate no longer and contact us regarding products for your store or business.


We appreciate your business and looking forward to assisting you.


Our hours are M-S 9:0am-5:00pm. You may also visit our web site



Liquidators Marketplace


12125 Day Street Unit #W

Moreno Valley, CA 92557



Phone: 866-944-8738 or 714-860-2553






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