Assorted SRS Toys

Pallets of assorted customer return toys from a large national retail chain


 $199 - $699 per pallet

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Pallets of assorted customer return toys from a large national retail chain! Wide assortment of different toys from toddler to older kids.

Types of toys include but not limited to: DVD Bingo, indoor helicopters, magic ovens, Fantastic Four figurines, action figures, Walk n Rides, Medical kits, doll houses, Amazing Animals sets, dolls, barbies, digital photo albums, interactive dance games, remote control cars, remote control "dragonflies," hovercrafts, leap frog games, board games, stuffed animals and more!.


Brands include but not limited to: Disney, Barbie, Tonka,Hana Montana Vigot, Fisher Price, Dora, American Idol, Flytech and more!.


The above is just a general Idea on what might these pallets contain . Many other kinds and brands of toys may appear on these pallets, and not every pallet will contain every type of toy or brand mentioned above. These are to be used as guidelines only, the best way is to come over and check them in person


We also have brand new overstock pallets, just stop by and tell us what you looking for


Very high value pallets, perfect for flea markets, discount stores or baby/children oriented shops.


Items are customer returns and untested. Some packaging may be damaged, and certain toys may be missing parts or other components



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